The V60 Dripper gets its name from the 60-degree angle created by the cone’s shape.

The Hario company, founded in Japan in 1921, invented the V60 in the 1950s. Previously they were specialized in heat-resistant glassware for scientific research purposes. Prototypes for the V60 began in the 1950s during the rise in demand for various home-brew filter machine designs and was released for commercial sale in different materials in the 1980s. In 2004 the design was revisited to add the signature ribs that lift the paper filter off the sides and a larger hole, both features provide a faster flow and more clarity in the cup. 

V60 is a pour over method. That means water passes through the ground coffee bed by gravity. The paper filter is slightly thinner than that of a Chemex, yielding a little more body, yet letting through many complex aromatics and solubles. We appreciate this brewer’s simplicity and beauty, and it’s versatility to yield one or two cups. It requires an attentive and consistent pouring technique to ensure all the coffee grinds get coated evenly.

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What you’ll need

Our whole coffee beans
V60 A grinder
A kettle
V60 filter
Tablespoon or scale
Measuring cup or scale
A coffee mug or decanter

Quick Tips!

This brew should have taken about 3-3:15 minutes total. Brewed too fast? Try grinding slightly finer next time or pouring slower. Brewed too slow? Try grinding coarser or speeding up your pour.

Step 1

Ground coffee

Measure 300 ml of water, put it in the kettle and bring it to a boil. Measure 18g (2.5 tablespoons) of whole beans and grind them to a medium setting (to the consistency of table sugar.)

Step 2

Assemble V60

Assemble dripper on top of a mug or receptacle.

Step 3

Rinse the filter paper

Rinse paper filter, discard the rinse water from the receptacle.

Step 4

Put in the ground coffee

Put in ground coffee and level out grinds to flatten the bed of coffee.

Step 5

Pour 10ml of water

Start a timer counting up. Pour about enough water, just off boil, to coat all the coffee. If you are using a scale, this should be approximately double the weight of the coffee - 35-40ml, to coat the coffee bed. Watch it bubble for up to 30 seconds.

Step 6

Pour the remaining water

Pour the rest of the water continuously until timer reaches 2 mins. Try to pour consistently and coat grinds evenly. The colour of the coffee bed should be uniform. Let gravity draw down your coffee, and enjoy!