Barista - Toronto

In the process of onboarding new employees, we are committed to equal opportunity for folks from all walks of life to join our team. Successful candidates will be selected for an interview and hired based on their alignment with the necessary skills required for the role. We strongly believe in creating an environment where our team members and customers feel safe, comfortable and welcomed. Central to this is a zero tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia, or discrimination of any kind.

Please send through your CV and a cover letter to share a little bit about yourself and why you would like to join our team.

Job title: Barista Terms: Part time & full time Probationary Period: 3 months Hours/week: 15-40 hours a week Department: Retail Reporting to: Store Manager


It is your role as a barista and team of baristas to host and guide each customer through their journey in our stores - to make them feel at home and welcome, to make their experiences informative and personalized, delightful and memorable and to connect them to the people and places that our product comes from. 

Primary Accountabilities:


Coffee Knowledge

Customer Experience


Wage: Starting Barista wage is $15-$16.50