Scroll through our available job openings. Please send through your CV and a cover letter to share a little bit about yourself and why you would like to join our team. In the process of onboarding new employees, we are committed to equal opportunity for folks from all walks of life to join our team. Successful candidates will be selected for an interview and hired based on their alignment with the necessary skills required for the role. We are committed to creating an environment where our team members and customers feel safe, comfortable and welcome. Central to this is a zero tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia, or discrimination of any kind. All applicants are encouraged to apply and will be considered without regard to gender identity, colour, religion, place of origin, age, or any discriminating factors.

Production Department

*for this position please apply to* General call out for talent - no job title yet! About the role: We’re hiring senior management in our production department with job titles in process of being designed and tweaked to the right candidate(s). Candidates with some or all of the following professional experience are encouraged to send us your CV and a short cover letter as to why you’d be a great fit to lead our production and roastery operations. Qualifications required: Production management and logistics (e-commerce and roastery production) Head roasting / roasted coffee quality control Wholesale business development Green coffee buying / Supply chain management Experience with Microsoft office suite and google documents

Soft skills required: An exceptional communicator An excellent multi-tasker Detail oriented (but able to shift into the big picture and back into the detail over and over) A fantastic problem solver Able to embrace change Emotionally self-regulated At least two years of people management and operational management experience Bilingual (fr/eng.) at minimum level 3 on Quebec language proficiency test Be open-minded and hearted Like having fun Passionate about social and environmental justice Self-motivated and autonomous, and also a team player Interest in copywriting and content (surrounding product)  is a plus

Retail/Café department

Job Title: Store Manager

Terms: Full Time (40 hours/week)

Probationary Period: 3 months

Salary: TBD

Department: Retail

Reporting to: Director of People + Culture

Description of Role: A store manager is responsible for delivering on the financial goals of the cafe with a focus on efficiency and revenue growth, for upholding customer service and experience excellence, managing the day to day operations of the cafe and building and cultivating a strong team culture. 

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for executing on strategic initiatives and objectives for that cafe as set by direct report

  • Weekly and monthly analysis, reporting and tracking of revenues, key revenue inputs (AOV + Daily Transactions), labor costs and management of COGS. 

  • Manage controllable costs

  • Prepare and meet with direct report weekly with a focus on identifying problems and offering solutions that produce positive results

  • Attend and participate in monthly management meetings


  • Work a minimum of 28 hours of bar shifts a week and maximum 10-12 hours of administrative work 

  • Manages and makes weekly cash reports/deposits and delivers sales envelopes to the head office

  • Oversee and manage all orders, inventory, planning, waste management, and order updates with suppliers

  • Oversee and manage the schedule including availabilities, shift changes, % payroll management, and seasonal changes

  • Identify systems improvement opportunities, revisiting workflows, updating task lists, and procedures

  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of the space and required maintenance 

  • Troubleshoot any issues with equipment/POS systems

  • Anticipating, identifying, and communicating any retail QC/equipment issues to direct report/technician

  • Identify and anticipate onboarding needs and lead the onboarding process, including interviewing, selecting, and training new employees

Customer Experience

  • Lead by example at all times

  • Ensure that the team is greeting every customer that walks in with 3 second with a smile, eye contact and approachable body language

  • Ensure that the team are guiding customers through their purchase in an approachable, anticipatory and friendly way 

  • Ensure that the team knows our retail coffee menu including name, origin, impact spheres and tasting notes

  • Ensure the team is preparing and serving the highest quality of coffee (milk texture, espresso shots, latte art)

  • Ensures the team is keeping the cafe environment clean for customers

  • Ensure the team is following troubleshooting and communication channels when necessary for feedback to the team/production


  • Embody company core values and culture

  • Be the first point of contact for the cafe team

  • Responsible for the performance of the cafe employees. Must deliver feedback and support each team member to deliver on job excellence.

  • Provide as needed team support including delivering in-action feedback, receiving in-action feedback, and conflict resolution

  • Keep up to date on scheduled check-ins and raises with the team including regular feedback meetings and reflection

  • Communicate updates, new procedures, new systems, feedback, and new product launches with the team

  • Coordinate with other departments when necessary eg. flagging order issues to eCommerce or coordinating orders with Production

  • Lead team meetings twice a year

  • Keep team, direct report and collaborators up to date and follow through on all action items in a week


  • 6% vacation


  • Be a part of and contribute to our amazing work culture

  • 25 cent monthly 333g retail bag of coffee

  • 50% discount on additional retail bags

  • 2 Free in-store coffees on work days

  • 50% discount coffees on off work days

  • Discounts on pastries, grab n go and brewing equipment + merch

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