How it works

One monthly or bi-monthly personalized box of freshly roasted and traceable coffee delivered to your doorstep. Save up to 40% on our full retail price when you build a subscription plan. Pause and adjust shipment frequency at anytime. Enjoy coffee guarantees a greater than Fair-Trade price paid to the growers. Our coffee can be shipped whole bean or ground.

Pick a subscription plan

From $18.50 per bag

Prepay 3, 6, 9, 12 orders

Prepay for a fixed number of coffee bags and preset number of orders to save more on every coffee bag. Description: - Payment upfront for 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly shipments - # of coffees you select is fixed - Pause shipments for 1 to 3 months - Modify next shipment date - Select your coffee origins each month

From $19.50 per bag

Pay by the month

Pay as you go each month for what you order. Auto-renew, pause or cancel anytime. Description - Pay and commit month to month, cancel anytime - Modify # of coffee bags - Pause shipments for 1 to 3 months - Modify next shipment date - Select your coffee origins each month


+ Is your packaging compostable/biodegradable?

Yes! Our bags are 100% biodegradable and decompose in a backyard compost, commercial compost facility, or at the landfill (including the one-way degassing valve which promotes freshness and prevents oxidation.) Simply throw them into your compost or garbage when you are done (do not recycle). For more information about this packaging, check out our packaging supplier TekPak Solutions.  READ MORE

+ Is your coffee fair trade?

First of all, what is Fair Trade? Fair Trade prices were established to certify a buyer paying a price for coffee that surpasses a known cost of production for the farmer. It is a floor, not a ceiling. This said, the price to produce a pound of high quality specialty coffee has inflated since Fair Trade was established and though the model works well to ensure a pathway towards financial self-sufficiency for so many producers, we do not believe the floor price is a sustainable one for a producer based on research today. Across many reputable studies the known cost to produce 1 lb of coffee for the archetypical small scale farmer ranges from $1.30 USD to $1.50 USD (where Fair Trade minimum falls at $1.40 USD, and this is the price the exporter earns, not necessarily always the farmer (who might see 60-80% of that). Caravella importers white paper Fair Trade and Cornell University paper Bellweather white paper This said, we do purchase from Fair Trade certified Co-Ops, but we always pay a differential above the floor Fair Trade price. Of our coffees purchased in 2021, 13% were certified Fair Trade Certified, but 100% paid above Fair Trade FOB price by a full $1.23 USD per LB. Additionally, 27% of our coffees in this period contributed to improvements to Health Care or Food Security, 38% supported women-driven businesses and 40% of them supported youth development and education.

Our vision of responsible sourcing includes certifications, but is not limited to coffees that have them. Why? Because certified coffees can contribute to the development of  a sustainable industry, but they are not the only, and not always the easiest or price accessible pathway for a farmer or farmer group to adopt. Furthermore, models like Fair Trade floor prices have since been challenged by buyers like Dispatch for failing to increase at the pace of farmer's costs of production.

+ When do you ship out my order?

We are currently committed to fulfll your orders and have our shipping partners pick up in our warehouse for delivery within 48 business hours after your order has been placed. Based on which carrier and delivery method that you have selected at checkout, you can anticipate additional delays in the realm of 24 business hours thereafter to maximum 7 business days if you are located in the most remote parts of Canada or International. The fastest delivery methods should you live in the right zone for this service is Pick up In Store (Get your package same day!) or bike courrier (guaranteed delivery within 72 business hours after your order has been placed) We are continuously working to balance fastest delivery turnaround from order processing while keeping shipping costs affordable to you.

+ Can I skip or Pause my monthly coffee plan?

Yes, in order to change the status of your subscription, sign into your account to access the "Modify Your Plan" section, and select "Pause" (1 month or 3 month) or "Adjust next order date" to update your coffee plan. If you unpause your account, your default next order date will be 24 hours later. We will always send you an e-mail notification 72 hours before your upcoming charge.