Better Coffee At Home, For Less.

We deliver you one monthly shipment of freshly-roasted and ethical coffee. Save time, save money, and join a movement to make coffee fairer and more sustainable.

What Is Better Coffee To Us?

No Unfair Markups

Access exceptional coffee at an honest price. Because we source, roast and distribute our own coffee we've chosen to take smaller margins. Monthly subscriptions start at $20.50 / month, and our coffee costs less than $1 a cup.


We send you one monthly shipment of coffee. Customize the coffees you'd like to drink. Orders auto-renew unless you adjust your order. Scheduling is within your control, billing is monthly and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

A Positive Impact

All of our purchases are traceable to the farm, and drive a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. With your support, our impact is amplified. Find out more about our approach to responsible sourcing here.

Transparency And Impact

We purchase coffee not only for its exquisite taste, but for the opportunity to support and empower small-scale farming communities who traditionally rely on many intermediaries to move their coffee to market. To us, transparency is a pillar of responsible sourcing. We work with likeminded partners across the globe to deliver product traceability, and drive a positive social, economic and environmental impact with our purchases.


“We got this in our subscription box, the taste was so unexpected and so fantastic, all the notes shine through!”

-Christine T., Toronto


"The most social and eco responsible coffee brand. Got the online subscription, totally worth it"

- David L., Montreal

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