We believe coffee at home can be better.

One monthly shipment of freshtly-roasted and ethical coffee beans, all at a fair price. Monthly billing, Adjust, skip and cancel at any time.

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How our subscription works

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We ship you a month's worth of coffee beans

*our coffee currently comes in whole bean format only, bags are 333g each

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Your order will auto-renew each month
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You can adjust, skip, or cancel anytime

Why subscribe?


We are a team of coffee professionals who are obsessed with delivering you vibrant, sweet and always in-season coffee beans. In our supply chain, quality is controlled at the farm level, through processing, to roasting in our Montreal facility.

Save money

We're choosing to take smaller margins in order to extend our wholesale price to you. Drink more remarkable coffee at home, and save on inflated cafe markups.

Make a difference

We build transparent and long term relationships with our suppliers to increase social and economic equity across our supply chain. Every coffee we buy makes a small difference for the communities that supply us, and when you subscribe, you enable us to do more. Find out more.


Never leave the house to buy coffee for home again. Your monthly coffee order auto-renews unless you skip, modify or cancel your plan. You're never locked in.

Freshly harvested, freshly roasted.

Our coffee is differentiated by the country and producer/producer-group it comes from. There is no significant variation among our roast levels - all could be described as medium/medium-light. Our goal is for all of our coffees to be sweet, clear, and versatile enough to taste delicious as both espresso and filter.

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Brewing is one of the most critical steps in coffees journey from farm to your cup.

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