Our story

Dispatch began as an iced coffee delivery service in 2012, and then Montreal's first coffee truck. Today, we're delivering our responsibly-sourced coffee beans straight to your doorstep.

After serving coffee as a barista for over ten years, our founder Chrissy Durcak was frustrated by the lack of consumer-facing transparency about pricing, impact, and the provenance of coffee beans. She founded Dispatch on a mission to make high quality and sustainable coffee more accessible.

The purpose that drives us

The coffee industry is in crisis, and a relic of a colonial past. Coffee is one of the world's most traded commodities, after oil. But it's not a commodity, it's a fruit, and livelihood for millions of farmers who grow it! Today, commercial prices keep millions of farmers in extreme and cyclical poverty, and the Arabica coffee species is facing the risk of extinction. Raising awareness and building a fairer and more transparent supply chain is our raison d'être. In our supply chain, we work with coffee farmers, importers and partners across the globe to address our industries most critical issues. You can learn more here.

How we source

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