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Coffee Perks

An easy way to get your team delicious coffee, at home.

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Caffeinate your team, wherever they are

  • Gift your employees a monthly coffee subscription (Subsidize 25% up to 100% of the standard monthly cost)

  • Your employees will benefit from additional discounts on home brewing equipment

  • Commitment is month to month, no strings attached

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What's in a monthly coffee subscription?

  • One monthly shipment of our freshly-roasted coffee (whole bean, or ground) to your employee's doorsteps

  • Enough coffee to yield each participating employee a cup of coffee per day/month

  • A positive impact across our supply chain with every delivery. Learn more about our commitment to responsible-sourcing here.

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Amount you subsidizeMonthly cost to Employer per EmployeeMonthly cost for Employee

* monthly subscriptions include 2 bags of 333g of our whole bean or ground coffee, enough for ~30 cups
* no additional fees, shipping and taxes are included in the price

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