Cold Brew

Though cold brew has recently become more popular, cold coffee has been around for centuries.

Cold brew is simply the process of steeping ground coffee in cold water for an extended period of time to extract either a ready-to-drink or concentrated cold coffee product. Earliest documentation of this process traces back to the Netherlands and Japan in the 17th century. Likely, for the Dutch, it was a method developed to meet the demands of long voyages, pre-brewing coffee for reheating and consumption later. Cold brew was one of the first products we produced as a company, we still sell it in refillable 2L growlers in concentrate, or ready to drink on tap at our stores. We like to brew it as concentrate because it can be diluted with milk or water depending on how you or your house guests take their coffee. At our stores, we prepare a concentrate and brew about 200 liters at a time. Here is a modified version of our recipe that you can do in your own kitchen! We like it because it requires minimal preparation time for a large quantity of brew that keeps for several weeks in your fridge.

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Cold brew

What you’ll need

Our whole coffee beans
A paper filter
A grinder
Tablespoon or scale
A 1L receptacle
Measuring cup or scale
A sieve

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Quick Tips!

If your coffee tastes acidic or lacks sweetness, consider brewing a longer amount of time (up to 24 hours), or pre-infusing with a third of your brew water being hot, and adding the rest cold. If it's bitter, brew shorter (down to 8 hours). For best results consume within 20 days. As if it will last that long. If you have a French Press, try this recipe using the French Press as a receptacle. You can skip the filtration step and choose to filter through a sieve and paper filter for a cleaner end product.

Step 1

Grind coffee

Grind 100 grams (12.5 tablespoons) of coffee to a coarse setting (the consistency of breadcrumbs)

Step 2

Place ground coffee in mason jar

Place ground coffee in a 1L mason jar or pitcher

Step 3

Introduce cold water

Introduce cold water and stir to coat all of the grinds evenly.

Step 4

Coverason jar

Cover to prevent fridge aromas from being absorbed into the coffee. Let it infuse for 16 hours.

Step 5

Rinse the paper filter

At 16 hours, line a sieve with a paper filter, and rinse the paper filter with some water.

Step 6

Pour the cold infused coffee

Pour the cold infused coffee through the paper filter into another resealable receptacle. Do your best to filter out the grinds when you're done. You now have a cold brew concentrate.

Step 7

Serve in a cup with ice.

To serve, use one portion of concentrate to one portion of water, milk, or milk alternative. Serve in a cup with ice.