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Better Coffee At Home

Build your subscription to receive freshly roasted and ethically sourced coffee delivered to your doorstep. 

Your subscription will auto-renew every four weeks. Adjust, pause, or cancel any time. Orders ship free within two business days.

1. Choisissez votre plan

Balayez pour sélectionner la quantité de café de votre première commande. Notre café est emballé dans des sacs biodégradables de 333g; cliquez pour choisir l'origine de votre café et la mouture désirée (facultatif) pour votre première livraison.
2 bags
2 Sacs/Mois
Assez pour 1-2 tasses par jour.
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3 Sacs/Mois
Assez pour 2-3 tasses par jour.
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4 Sacs/Mois
Assez pour 3-4 tasses par jour.
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Subscription Box At Home - Winter
Choisissez vous-même le nombre de sacs/mois
Choisissez la quantité désirée de sacs de 333g de café pour votre première commande mensuelle. Vous pouvez modifier la quantité chaque mois.
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2. Choisissez Votre Café

3. Compléments/Accessoires

4. Select your brew method

5. Vérifier Votre Plan


+ Can I pause or skip my monthly coffee plan?

Yes, you can pause or adjust your next delivery date. You can skip as many months as you like. In order to change the status of your subscription, sign into your account to access the "Modify Your Plan" section, and select "Pause" or "Adjust next order date" to update your coffee plan. If you unpause your account, your default next order date will be 24 hours later. We will always send you an e-mail notification 72 hours before your upcoming charge.

+ Is your packaging compostable/biodegradable?

Yes! Our bags are 100% biodegradable and decompose in a backyard compost, commercial compost facility, or at the landfill (including the one-way degassing valve which promotes freshness and prevents oxidation.) Simply throw them into your compost or garbage when you are done (do not recycle). For more information about this packaging, check out our packaging supplier TekPak Solutions.  READ MORE

+ Is your coffee fair trade?

Approximately  15% of the past 40 coffees we have purchased or contracted as of December 2020 in 2019-2020 were certified Fair Trade Certified.

Our vision of responsible sourcing includes certifications, but is not limited to coffees that have them. Why? Because certified coffees can contribute to the development of  a sustainable industry, but they are not the only, and not always the easiest or price accessible pathway for a farmer or farmer group to adopt. Fair Trade guarantees that a minimum premium above the commodities price for coffee $1.40 USD per pound (Paid to the exporter, not the farmer, so the farmer may earn 50-70% of this depending on the supply chain) for their coffee. Across many reputable studies the known cost to produce 1 lb of coffee for the archetypical small scale farmer ranges from $1.30 USD to $1.50 USD. Our  average Farmgate price on our last 36 contracted coffees averaged at 1.90/LB USD. The past five year average commercial price for a pound of coffee is $1.10/LB USD. All this to say, a certification is not a replacement for pricing or supply chain transparency and coffee producers may still earn less than their operating costs, even in a Fair Trade certified supply chain. READ MORE