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Gift a Subscription

Gift one monthly shipment of our coffee beans for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

How it works: Once you check out with a gift subscription, we send you an e-mail with a unique code for your special someone to claim their coffee subscription.

Prices: 3 months: $18.50 per 333g bag 6 months: $17.76 per 333g bag (4% off) 9 months: $17.02 per 333g bag (8% off) 12 months: $16.28 per 333g bag (12% off)

* The recipient of a gift subscription will have the option to receive their coffee ground, or in whole bean format * Prices are inclusive of shipping in Canada, Shipping is additional to the us ($8 Flat Rate per monthly shipment) * Reach out to us at info@dispatchcoffee.ca if you have any questions at all!

Cup to Bag Conversion

1 cup a day / household2 bags / month
2 cups a day / household3-4 bags / month
3 cups a day / household5 bags / month
4 cups a day / household7 bags / month