French Press

What you’ll need

Our whole coffee beans
A grinder
Tablespoon or scale
A kettle
Measuring cup or scale

Quick Tips!

Taste too thin or watery for your liking? Try grinding finer or extending the total infusion time. Taste too syrupy or bitter for you? Try grinding coarser or shortening the brew time.

Step 1

Ground coffee

Measure 750 ml of water, put it in the kettle and bring it to a boil. Measure 48g (6 tablespoons) of whole beans and grind them to the consistency of raw sugar.

Step 2

Place ground coffee in French Press

Put ground coffee into the base of the french press.

Step 3


Pre-infuse. Start a timer counting up. Pour in about half of your brew water, just off boil, to coat the coffee bed. Place the lid on top without pressing the plunger down. Count up to 2:30 mins.

Step 4

Finish the pour

Complete the pour. At 2:30 minutes, pour the rest of water continuously until all brew water has been used. Stir the coffee bed North, South, East and West, with one stroke in each direction.

Step 5


Place plunger on top of receptacle and wait until counter reaches 5:00 minutes. Plunge slowly (about 15-20 seconds)

Step 6

Decant into mugs

Decant into mugs or another receptacle, or your coffee will keep brewing. Enjoy