Automatic Coffeemaker

Automatic drip brewers are an electronic brewing method.

Thermally-induced pressure pumps cold water from a separate compartment, through a spray-head over a ground coffee bed. It’s then filtered through paper or metal mesh into a pot. Throughout the 20th century many inventors and companies patented various version of automatic drip machines. We love drip coffee with a paper filter. It produces a medium to full-bodied cup, and allows for complexity and clarity at the same time. Variation from manufacturer to manufacturer will impact temperature stability and the evenness of water dispersion. These two variables that can contribute to the balance of extraction.

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Automatic Coffeemaker

What you’ll need

Our whole coffee beans
A grinder
Tablespoon or scale
Measuring cup or scale
Automatic coffeemaker

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Quick Tips!

Taste too thin or watery for your liking? Try grinding finer or extending the total infusion time. Taste too syrupy or bitter for you? Try grinding coarser or shortening the brew time.

Step 1

Measure the ground coffee

Measure 48g (6 tbsp) of whole beans and grind them to a medium-coarse size (that’s slightly finer than Panko breadcrumbs.)

Step 2

Measure cold water

Measure 750 ml of cold water and place in your coffeemaker’s receptacle.

Step 3

Insert paper filter

Insert paper filter into brewer. Rinse paper filter with some water and empty rinse water from the pot.

Step 4

Put the ground coffee in to the filter

Put ground coffee into the filter and flatten the coffee bed.

Step 5

Press the 'on' button

Press the 'on' button.