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Kossa Geshe 333g bag

This dry processed coffee comes from Abdul Wahid Sherif’s Kossa Geshe Estate in Western Ethiopia, and it is the third year we have purchased it. It has won multiple Good Food Awards and is certified Organic, earning the premiums that Abdul reinvests in his company. This coffee tastes like wild strawberries, ripe raspberries and creamy milk chocolate.

Tasting notes:

TasteTastes like strawberry, raspberry, milk chocolate


Kossa Geshe is an estate in the Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia, owned and farmed by Abdul Wahid Sherif. This is our third year featuring coffee from Kossa Geshe, and we are thrilled to welcome it back. Always among the most distinctly fruit-forward coffees of the year, much of the credit for its vibrant flavour profile belongs to Abdul and his team’s meticulous attention to detail. Heirloom plant varieties produce this coffee, which is then dry-processed - meaning that the harvested coffee cherries are laid out to dry and ferment in the sun with the seed still inside, rather than having the exterior layers of the cherry removed through a washing process. This method allows for more concentrated fruit sugars to be absorbed by the seed, but is also vulnerable to over-fermentation if not properly supervised. Abdul’s consistent ability to enact this process to its fullest potential has won him multiple Good Food Awards, and earned the premiums that buyers like Dispatch continue to pay for his coffee. With these premiums, Abdul has donated to one local school and built another for children of farmers on the estate, in addition to adding and enhancing facilities on site. This coffee is certified Organic, and is made available to us by our importing partners at Crop to Cup.


Farm Size65
Varietal(s)Heirlooms 74112 & 74165
KG's Purchased840
Processing MethodDry Process
Arrived at DispatchAugust 2019

Who it's From

ImporterCrop to Cup
ProcessedOn site
Farm SystemSingle estate
Relationship DurationThird year
Number of Contributors300 employees

Where it's From

Elevation1800 m
Sub-regionLimu Kossa