Blend Saisonnier
Blend 333g bag

Currently, our blend contains La Asuncion and La Rejoya, coffees that we featured on our single-origin menu but that are currently reserved for the blend. The third coffee is from the Iyenga AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) in southern Tanzania, which will join our menu a little later this summer. Iyenga is comprised of 193 registered members, with just over 500 farmers contributing cherries. The majority of their farms are between one and two hectares, with none larger than five. Iyenga’s management board is elected by its members, and has demonstrated agile, diligent management through its collection services, water management, and certainly cup quality. In 2019, two of Iyenga’s coffees were winners in Tanzania’s Taste of Harvest Competition.Although the blend’s overall character remains malty and rich, we think that Iyenga’s summertime substitution lends just a bit more vibrance and juiciness, nicely suited to the re-emergence of long, bright, picnic-packed days.

ComponentsGuatemala, Colombia, Tanzania
Reminds us ofSoda-pop, apple, allspice

Coffee is a seasonal fruit, harvested at different times in different places around the world. Our blend brings together fresh coffees that we are already proud to source and to roast, creating something consistent, unique, and versatile. Though the individual coffees within the blend will change as the seasons pass, we uphold Blend Saisonnier’s character by carefully selecting two coffees from our menu that evoke familiar expressions of sweetness and brightness, often anchored together by a third coffee that will not appear as a single-origin. In addition to reinforcing our blend’s consistency of flavour, we look to an off-menu coffee for our third component because it allows us to engage with supply chains that may otherwise not make it to our menu.