Blend Saisonnier

Blend Saisonnier

Blend 333g

Malty, sweet, classy and classic. Meant for anytime, anywhere.


Currently, our blend contains coffees from Tanzania (Mwika) and Colombia (Macizo del Guarapas). Mwika appears on our single-origin menu, but Macizo del Guarapas is a blend-exclusive coffee that we love for its butterscotchy sweetness and round, ripe, stone fruity character. It is sourced from a producers' association in the municipality of Palestina, southern Huila. With just shy of 100 farmers each managing ~3 - 5 hectares of land, this is a relatively large production that will offer a series of different lots throughout the year. Due to their precise positioning on the slope of the great Macizo (a particular type of mountainous structure formed through the movement of tectonic plates), their combination of high altitude and somewhat cold and rainy microclimate, coffee trees here produce several small flowerings throughout the year, rather than only once or twice, meaning coffee can be harvested over 10 months of the year. Of course, this climate presents its own challenges, but it presents the potential for this supply chain to lend exceptional relationship stability to one of the key pieces of our lineup, the blend. This is just the beginning of our relationship with Macizo del Guarapas, so stay tuned as the seasons pass to see how this coffee's position on our menu evolves.

Though the coffees comprising our blend change throughout the year, our goal is always to present something round and rich, with a comforting cola-sweetness that is amenable to a variety of brewing methods. In our own cafes, the Blend will often be served as espresso for milk-based beverages, because we believe that its mild brightness and syrupy body are perfectly suited for larger, cozier concoctions.

Production detail
CountriesColombia, and Tanzania