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La Rejoya 333g bag

La Rejoya is a village in Nariño, Colombia, on our menu for its second year. The 4 farmers contributing to this lot are members of FUDAM, a producers' association with Organic certification, founded by siblings Raquel and Jeremias Lasso nearly twenty years ago. To us, this washed coffee tastes like ripe stone fruits and honey.

All of our coffees are medium-light roast, and packaged in whole bean format.

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Flavour profile:

TastePeach, honey and sarsaparilla.
MouthfeelJuicy, coating


La Rejoya is a village in the San Lorenzo municipality of Nariño, Colombia, joining our menu for the second year in a row. Throughout Nariño, most coffee is produced on farms as small as a single hectare, which makes selecting standouts and delivering higher payments to producers a challenging process. In areas like this, it can be simpler and more efficient to bring coffee to nearby hubs to be sold for cash upon delivery, despite this system’s inability to identify or financially reward quality. Thankfully, groups such as FUDAM, a Producers’ Association facilitating supply chain resilience for small scale organic coffee farming, create incentives to deviate from this pathway, providing networks of education, organization, and access to markets that prioritize cup quality and relationship longevity. La Rejoya, comprised of washed Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia plant varieties from four neighboring producers, is made available to us by our importing partners, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who have been strong collaborators with FUDAM for over a decade. 

Founded in 1999 by siblings Raquel and Jeremias Lasso, FUDAM began as a forty-four member organization concentrated around the municipality of La Unión and has since grown to over three hundred members spread throughout Nariño. Two years ago we purchased our first coffee through this supply chain, one that hailed from La Unión, and last year we selected La Rejoya, an area newer to FUDAM and Red Fox. In the seasons to come, we look forward to supporting the Lassos’ emerging projects, one of which is Las Manos de Mujeres, a group of female producers within FUDAM transitioning to certifiably organic production under the leadership of Raquel Lasso. Always constant among Red Fox’s FUDAM selections are cups characterized by well rounded sweetness and ripe fruits. In La Rejoya, we taste peach, honey, and good old cola, a very versatile coffee that will happily steer us toward springtime.


Farm Size1 - 2
Varietal(s)Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
KG's Purchased1,400 KGs
Processing MethodWashed, Dried on Raised Beds
Arrived at DispatchJanuary 2020

Who it's From

ImporterRed Fox Coffee Merchants
ProcessedWashing and drying on farm, dry milling at FUDAM
Farm SystemCommunity Association
Relationship DurationThird year with FUDAM via Red Fox, second year with La Rejoya
Number of Contributors4

Where it's From

Elevation1800 - 1900
Sub-regionSan Lorenzo