September 29, 2020 News

Trace your coffee with a QR code

You can now find QR codes on all of our coffee bag labels.

Why? Making links in coffee's global voyage visible to you is something we are passionate about. We've always been committed to changing existing coffee systems, and making them more equitable and transparent. Storytelling, data and photos, to date, has been our medium to communicate the many ways our coffee makes its way from farm to your bag and what it's social and environmental impacts are.

In search of a simpler way to connect our customers to the people and places their coffee comes from, we resolved to use QR codes on our coffee labels. When scanned, these codes drive to a dedicated content page about each coffees' unique origin and impact story.

Though the idea of QR codes is novel to us - applications of QR codes have been around since 1994. They were originally designed for the automotive industry in Japan, and since then, have been widely applied in the areas of augmented reality, payment processing, and marketing contexts.


Here's how to interact with our QR codes:

1. Pull out your smartphone (if you have one), if not you can always visit our website and find the single product page via the "SHOP" section!

2. Open Photos or your phone camera

3. Hover your camera towards the QR code on the right-side of the coffee bag label until a website link pops up

4. Click on the website link to find a dedicated content page about where your coffee comes from.

Fun fact: Our QR codes are locally-sourced/generated in Montreal!