Here’s the thing…this industry is not sustainable. We’re part of a movement working to change that.

There is a crisis in the coffeelands. Global demand for coffee is forecasted to double by 2050, climate change is threatening coffee agriculture and crop yields, and market prices remain unsupportable for many farmers who produce our global supply.

Coffee is about people.

Over 25 million individuals produce coffee on small farms and rely on it as their primary household income. Low yields and disproportionately low market prices — a relic of coffee’s colonial past — means the majority of smallholder farmers live in extreme poverty and capture the smallest portion of our industries income. In our vertical and in delivering our coffee to you, we collaborate with a network of like-minded supply chain actors who are working on short term and long term solutions to the coffee crisis. This includes you, when you demand coffee, from a better place. Together, we are navigating the complexity of defining sustainability and equity in our industry. Together, we are working to de-commodify coffee.

Our Story

We’re a coffee company that wants to make the world a better place (really)

For us, coffee is more than just our favourite drink. It’s a global network that connects and impacts millions of people across oceans and continents, from farm to coffee table. In that sense, small shifts to improve our own supply chain can positively impact the lives of many. Doing this is what gets us up in the morning. In 2012, we embarked on a mission to make high quality and responsibly-sourced coffee accessible to everyone. Dispatch began as a product and a service: a Facebook page, selling cold brew concentrate, delivered by bicycle. We soon launched Montreal’s first espresso truck. That led us to sourcing, roasting and distributing our own coffee. We opened our first cafes in Montreal in 2014, a third in 2016, and now we’re delivering our beans and their stories across Canada and right to your doorstep. There’s still a lot of work to be done in building a sustainable future for coffee. We’re committed to shining a light on this global effort and sharing everything we learn with you along the way. Thank you for joining us!