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Kossa Geshe
Ethiopia 333g bag

This is our fourth time featuring Kossa Geshe, an estate in western Ethiopia. Known for their explosively fruity dry-processed coffees, Kossa has been a fan favourite since the beginning. This year, we have blended the estate's two top lots to form a unique and delicious representation of their 2019/2020 harvest. In the cup, we taste strawberry, hibiscus, and watermelon.

The life of the party.

Farm systemSingle estate
Reminds us ofStrawberry, hibiscus and watermelon
KG's purchased1 140kg
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In plain and simple terms, Kossa Geshe is an organic-certified estate in western Ethiopia. But here at Dispatch, the utterance of the words “Kossa Geshe” - or even just “Kossa” - darn near lights a fire in most folks’ eyes. In the four years it’s been on the menu, Kossa has cultivated an enthusiastic fan club that transcends its seasonal residency in our lineup. In the cup, it pairs explosive fruit with clean and transparent sweetness, a balancing act that few dryly processed coffees can manage. And although our coffee program has come to embrace more high-quality examples of dryly processed coffees since we first welcomed Kossa several years ago, it is still our first and fiercest love.

This year, we are very proud to share a unique rendition of Kossa Geshe. Rather than selecting just one of the Estate’s two lots, we bought a little bit from them both, and are roasting them together in a blend that is two parts the “Botto” lot and one part the “Abukado” lot. While Botto presents a more assertive, juicy fruit character, Abukado is a bit silkier and more floral, and we believe that pairing the two gives a superbly balanced representation of this Estate’s 2020 harvest. 

In addition to its elegant vibrance in the cup, we purchase Kossa each year for its sustained commitment to improving the livelihoods of its farmers and community. Abdul Wahid Sherif, Kossa’s owner, has built a school for young children directly on the estate, and has also donated to another school in the area. Each year, he continues to improve the conditions of his employee facilities as well as the drying and sorta infrastructure, setting the place up for success for many more years ahead. 

kossa geshe ecom country 1 (1)
Kossa Geshe Farm Workers


KG's Purchased1 140kg
Processing MethodDry
Arrived at DispatchOctober 2020

Who it's From

ImporterCrop to Cup
ProcessedKossa Geshe
Farm SystemSingle estate
Relationship DurationFourth year
Number of Contributors300

Where it's From

Sub-regionLimu Kossa