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Bonavita 2nd

Bonavita 5 Cup

Automatic Coffeemaker (40 oz)

A standby in North American homes for decades, today’s automatic coffee machines have come a long way since the first at-home brewers of the 70s. This Bonavita brewer features a cross-shaped shower head and a special pre-infusion function. A short burst of water coats the coffee grounds before the full brew cycle begins, allowing the coffee to degass, ensuring an even extraction. The hefty stainless steel carafe keeps the temperature of the coffee stable while you enjoy your first cup. Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this Bonavita brewer is as simple to use as any other automatic coffee makers, but quite a bit more sophisticated in terms of its brew methods. All in all, a miraculously easy way to make 5-cups of coffee at a time.