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Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra

Mantiqueira, Brazil 333g

Sweet and fluffy as a filled brioche pastry. In the cup, we taste brioche, nutella, and banana.


Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra and her husband Carlos both come from coffee-producing families, and they look forward to continuing this tradition with their own children in the future. Farming four hectares in the Lambari region of the Mantiqueira Mountains, Rosimeire has steadily gained an elite reputation throughout the last several harvests, primarily for her Catuai varieties, as well as her mix of exquisite traditional dry-processing with a smattering of experimental processes as well. We came to this particular selection through the Força Café Auction, which we have participated in for the past two years. In addition to increasing income directly to farmers, proceeds from the Força Cafe auctions go toward Casa da Criança — a community center in Santo Antônio do Amparo, centrally located to many of the participating producers.

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Production detail
Farm systemSingle farm
Varietal(s)Catuai 144, Mundo Novo
Reminds us ofBrioche, nutella, and banana.
KG's purchased1200kg


In a sentiment echoed by many farmers who engage with Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung do Brazil (HRNS), the organization overseeing Força Café and assisting with myriad additional aspects of coffee production, Rosimeire remarks that “through HRNS and its competition, we discovered the nice coffee we had in our hands, and began looking for more information to improve the quality and the production.” Quickly, her efforts garnered yielded undeniable results. When coordinating bids for some of the Força Café Competition standouts, our importing partner confided that Rosimeire was a producer who had been put forth attention-grabbing lots for several seasons. When processing, she supervises Brix (sugar content), pH (acidity), and ambient temperature, all of which contribute to incredible sweetness, clarity, and complexity in the cup. This diligence, in tandem with earnest enthusiasm for the trade, lead to reliably excellent results. It is no surprise that their young daughter Manuela — currently only ten years old — has taken an early likening to quality control.

Over the years, the Força Café auction has been an interesting entry point for women-produced Brazilian coffees to our menu. Two years ago, we featured Zelia Oliveira, whose coffee had made it to the auction but gone unsold before our importing partner offered it to us. The following year, Zelia’s was the only woman-produced coffee that made it to the auction, but it would not have caught our attention had we not been looking for it. Nonetheless, we were proud to bring it back to our menu for a second year. Between then and now, Zelia’s coffee has made its way to other roasters and importers, and she was able to circumvent Força Café altogether — a potentially positive development for Zelia, despite our failure to proactively ensure we could remain among her evental representatives on the roasting side. This year, despite cupping everything blindly per the competition’s protocol, we and our importing partner knew that finding another woman-produced coffee was our goal, and we were impressed to learn that several of the table standouts fit this criterion. Rosimeire’s coffee immediately made a stellar impression on our Green Buyer, evoking buttery pastry, raw sugar, and lemon wafer cookie. Having had the opportunity to spend more time with the coffee since then, we remain smitten. There is so much sweetness here, an elegant and citrusy brightness, and a perfectly fluffy mouthfeel tying it all together. In the cup, we taste brioche, nutella, and banana.

Rosimeire 1
IMG 0918-min-e1575302735149
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Varietal(s)Catuai 144, Mundo Novo
KG's Purchased1200kg
Processing MethodDry
Arrived at DispatchMarch 2022

Who it's From

Farm SystemSingle farm
Relationship DurationNew
Number of ContributorsOne family

Where it's From

Elevation1,100 - 1,400m