Decaf Indigena

Indígena del Cauca Decaf
Colombia 333g bag

Indígena del Cauca is a cooperative in Cauca, Colombia, with over 2,000 members. This coffee was decaffeinated using the "sugarcane" process, where a naturally occurring byproduct from the fermentation of sugarcane - ethyl acetate - attracts and absorbs caffeine so it can easily be filtered out. This coffee is also certified Fair Trade. In the cup, we taste orange, caramel, and cookie dough.

Snoozing ≠ losing

ProcessWashed, decaffeinated using ethyl acetate or 'sugar cane' process
Farm systemLarge cooperative
Varietal(s)Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Reminds us ofOrange, caramel and cookie dough
KG's purchased560kg
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Indigena del Cauca is a cooperative in the Cauca department of Colombia. The co-op was founded in 1980, and today has over two thousand members who live throughout the region. The co-op has been Fair Trade certified since 2006, and they continue to work toward farmer housing improvement, alternative crop management, and alternative energies. 

This selection is decaffeinated using the ethyl acetate process, sometimes referred to by its friendlier nickname, the “sugarcane” process. This method is popular in countries that also produce significant amounts of sugarcane, as it washes coffees with ethyl acetate - an organic, naturally occurring byproduct from the fermentation of sugarcane - once their cellular structures have been expanded and exposed through steam. The “EA” naturally binds to caffeine molecules and can then be filtered out before the coffee is re-washed and dried to retain the majority of what made it otherwise delicious. We have found that coffees decaffeinated this way tend to produce cleaner, sweeter cups than we have tasted through any other process. In this one, we taste orange, caramel, and cookie dough.



Varietal(s)Colombia, Caturra, Castillo
KG's Purchased560kg
Processing MethodWashed, Ethyl-Acetate Decaffeination

Who it's From

ExporterCentra Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca
ProcessedTrilladora Andes Mill
Farm SystemLarge cooperative
Relationship DurationNew

Where it's From

Elevation1,500 - 2,000m