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A strong model finds a new home.


Processing: Washed Varietal(s): Lempira, IH-90, Parinema, Obata Roast level: Medium-light (great for espresso or filter methods) "Hibiscus" is a group of 100 women farmers in Ocotepeque, Honduras, and is the newest chapter of Las Flores del Café, a gender-equity project run by our importing partner, RGC. In Colombia, Peru, and now Honduras, this project focuses on social recognition, economic autonomy, quality and productivity to empower women in coffee-producing communities. In the cup, we taste caramel, Valencia orange, and nutmeg.

Supported Causes


“Las Flores del Café” is a multi-national gender equity project run by RGC, one of our key importing partners. Fundamentally, it’s a project designed to empower women farmers and elevate their agency and autonomy in coffee-producing communities. While a variation on this design certainly makes for a noble mission statement, its implementation is significantly more complex and multi-faceted. The three key spheres that RGC works within are social recognition, economic empowerment, and quality and productivity, and within these categories are many smaller projects driven toward bringing their big-picture goals to fruition. This project started seven years ago in Huila, Colombia, with a local chapter called Las Rosas. We’ve purchased coffee from Las Rosas twice before and will again in the future, and it has served as a fantastic introduction to Las Flores. Some achievements in Huila have included: widespread participation in gender equity training (over 200 participants), facilitation of clinical and psychological support networks for families in need, an ideas and networking summit hosting over 300 women farmers in the region, the operation of a revolving credit fund, the supervision of housing improvement projects, a wide range of entrepreneurial workshops, the establishment of multiple “model farms” for training purposes, and the distribution of well over half a million coffee seedlings. Though the list goes on and can get wonderfully more granular, its baseline success catalyzed the expansion of the model to a supply chain in Peru, in 2019, where a number of these same efforts have already come to fruition, including widespread entrepreneurial and financial literacy trainings, as well as another revolving credit fund for the ~300 women involved in this supply chain. Las Flores just expanded to Honduras in 2022, and as has been the case elsewhere, building trust and establishing a strong community of producers have been the first steps. WIth sixty-six women in Ocotepeque in western Honduras, we are enthused to contribute to the growth and success that have been demonstrated in Colombia and Peru before them. In the cup, we taste caramel, Valencia orange, and nutmeg.

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