Blend Classique

Blend 333g

Darkly roasted coffee done right.


Roast level: Medium-dark Though we firmly believe that our seasonal blend and all of our single-origin coffees can make absolutely delightful modern espresso, we can’t deny the classic, nostalgic charm of a more thoroughly developed and classically aromatic espresso blend. At just one glance or whiff, this offering differentiates itself from all of our others, but we are careful to ensure that the flavor profile stays sweet and that its pleasant bitterness never negates its chocolatey, zesty foundation. 

This blend will work wonderfully for anyone who enjoys a classic, European-style espresso, which we think of as shorter, more syrupy, and less bright than modern espresso. Even if not making espresso, this is our best option for anyone who prefers darkly roasted coffees. 

Like our “Blend Saisonnier,” the components of this blend will change throughout the year, but the target flavor profile and texture remain the same.