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Santa Margarita 333g bag

Santa Margarita is a fourth generation family farm in Acatenango, Guatemala, half owned by Camila Topke. Camila's goal is to promote sustainable work for women, maintaining a 50% female workforce, on-farm housing for perennial workers, and operating a school. She next aspires to build a cupping lab and train her team to perform their own QC. In the cup, we taste toffee, vanilla, and pear.

Tasting notes:

TasteToffee, vanilla, pear
MouthfeelCreamy and coating


Santa Margarita is a fourth generation family farm in Acatenango, Guatemala, that came to our attention while looking for a versatile, sweetness-forward, crowd-pleasing offering to offset the brighter Guatemalan microlot that we’ll be launching a bit later this summer. Finca Santa Margarita aligns with this goal beautifully, while furthermore reflecting our ongoing preference to work with female-driven supply chains and those that reinforce their leadership with strong female representation on the farm. Camila Topke, whose great grandfather founded the farm in the early 1800s, is a part owner of Santa Margarita. These days, she splits her time between Guatemala and the United States, additionally working as a trader for one of our importing partners, InterAmerican. One tremendous benefit of this dynamic is that she is exceptionally accessible, and has been eager and earnest in communicating with us since before we committed to her coffee.

Camila and her family have long articulated that among their farm’s utmost priorities are to create and sustain meaningful education and employment for women. Currently, more than half of their 32 household full-time workforce is comprised of women, and Camila next intends to augment their roles to Quality Control, building a Cupping Lab within the next several seasons. In addition to providing housing for their perennial farmers, Santa Margarita operates an elementary school, a church, and a health clinic on site.

With over 800 hectares of coffee production, over 2,000 hectares in total, and one owner living partially abroad, this represents one of our largest non-cooperative producing partners. While its supply chain deviates somewhat from our prevailing precedents, it is an excellent example of an impact-oriented enterprise in a business structure seldom known to prioritize our shared values of gender equity, education, and sustainability. In the cup, we think this coffee tastes like toffee, vanilla, and pear.


Farm Size812 hectares
Varietal(s)Caturra, Sarchimor, Catimor
KG's Purchased1035
Processing MethodWashed and dried on patios
Arrived at DispatchJune 2019

Who it's From

ExporterDelgado y Compania
ProcessedAt the farm
Farm SystemLarge family run farm
Relationship DurationNew
Number of Contributors110

Where it's From