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Mringa 333g bag

Mringa is a 50 hectare family owned farm in northern Tanzania, a region typically known for much larger commercial estates. This selection is a peaberry - a natural mutation that results in one seed per coffee cherry, rather than two, and makes for a small, round, adorable coffee bean. In the cup, we think it tastes like raspberry, clove, and butterscotch.

Tasting notes:

TasteRaspberry, clove, butterscotch
MouthfeelSticky and sweet


The Mringa Estate is a fifty hectare farm located along Mt. Meru in northern Tanzania. The estate borders Arusha National Park, a relatively small yet incredibly biodiverse protected land reserve. Mringa itself is among an increasingly visible array of independent, community-driven supply chains in northern Tanzania, deviating from the region’s prevalence of large, commercial coffee plantations. 

Mringa’s history is an interesting encapsulation of the region’s dynamics over the past century. Its borders and dedication to agriculture were established early in the 1900’s, by German colonists, before turning over to British settlers some decades later. The estate was nationalized in 1961, when Tanzania gained its independence, and ownership changed countless times for the remainder of the century. It was not until 2008 that Mringa passed into the hands of Tanzanian Di Bannister and her family, who presently own and operate it. Since then, a washing station has been built, as well as improved drying beds, shade nets, and covered patios to better mitigate the challenges of this area’s erratic weather. With these improvements, Mringa now produces excellent coffees, reinvesting their premium quality payments toward infrastructure and increased compensation for the farmers employed there. 

This season, with assistance from our importing partners at Crop to Cup, we selected the Mringa Estate’s wet processed peaberry offering. A peaberry is a naturally occurring mutation that results in one coffee seed per fruit, rather than two. Whereas the seeds of most coffee cherries grow longer and flatter against one another, a peaberry comes out a bit more spherical, smaller, and denser. There is no denying they are downright adorable, and in the cup, we think this one tastes like raspberry, clove, and butterscotch. 


Farm Size50 hectares
Varietal(s)Bourbon, Jackson
KG's Purchased600
Processing MethodWashed
Arrived at DispatchJune 2019

Who it's From

ExporterTaylor Winch
ImporterCrop to Cup
ProcessedAt the farm
Farm SystemEstate
Relationship DurationNew

Where it's From