Tanzania 333g bag

Iyenga is a co-op in southern Tanzania. Among smallholder associations in this region, Iyenga is a success story. In recent years, they have produced award-winning coffee with eco-efficient equipment, and they aspire to create a rainwater reservoir in the future. In the cup, we taste white wine, chamomile, and honeydew.

Complex but balanced, a great coffee for slow sipping.

Farm systemCooperative
Varietal(s)Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
Reminds us ofWhite wine, chamomile and honeydew
KG's purchased1800kg
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Iyenga is an AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) in southern Tanzania, comprised of 193 registered members, with just over 500 farmers contributing cherries. The majority of their farms are between one and two hectares, with none larger than five. Iyenga’s management board is elected by its members, and has demonstrated agile, diligent management through its collection services, water management, and certainly cup quality. In 2019, two of Iyenga’s coffees were winners in Tanzania’s Taste of Harvest Competition.

Though this is our first time purchasing from Iyenga, it is our second year featuring Tanzanian coffee sourced through our importing partners, Crop to Cup. Last year, when we learned that some of our other coffees would arrive slightly behind schedule, we saw an opportunity to fill a gap in our menu with a Tanzanian offering from a medium-sized, woman-owned estate in the northern part of the country. That coffee served us well, and it also exposed us to Crop to Cup’s longer-term ambitions in that country, and how they could potentially align even better with our values. And so this year, representing a small-scale cooperative in a part of the country with a more emergent coffee sector, we proudly envision southern Tanzania becoming a sustaining feature on our menu. This past season, Iyenga received new drying beds, partially financed by Crop to Cup. In the years ahead, they hope to improve their means of managing water scarcity by creating a rainwater reservoir. 

In the cup, Iyenga is both bright and balanced, with an elegance that nicely suits it to both our single-origin menu and our blend, where it’s been contributing juiciness and vibrance since early June. On its own, we taste white wine, chamomile, and honeydew.



Varietal(s)Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
KG's Purchased1800
Processing MethodWashed
Arrived at DispatchApril 2020

Who it's From

ImporterCrop to Cup
Farm SystemAgricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS)
Relationship DurationFirst year with Iyenga, second year with C2C in Tanzania.
Number of Contributors193

Where it's From

Elevation1,675 - 1,900
Farm Size1-2 Hectares