June 23, 2020 Coffee Sources

Discover two new coffees from Antioquia, Colombia

Our latest coffee launches come from Antioquia, Colombia. Though this region produces a significant amount of coffee, it is better known for large, commercial estates than for quality-focused small-scale family farming. In 2012, Juan Saldarriaga took over two moderately-sized farms called La Claudina and El Encanto, near the city of Bolivar in Antioquia. These farms had both been in his family for years, though conventionally farmed.

After years of studying abroad, Juan saw an opportunity not only to elevate the practices on his family's farms, but to set an example for other small-landholding farmers in his area.


El Encanto farm in Antioquia By demonstrating the relevance of the specialty market, providing the viability of return on investment for quality-oriented practices and infrastructure, and sharing market connections with his neighbours, this pocket of Antioquia is now seeing a swell of specialty coffee produced on small, independently owned farms.

El Encantazo in context

The two lots that we selected from Juan's farms are delightfully different. In May, we launched La Claudinota, a dry-processed coffee bursting with fluffy sweetness and ripe stone fruits. This month, El Encatnazo comes aboard, a washed selection that is more traditional yet no less impressive, with nutty creaminess and a splash of citrus. Through these come from different farms, it is still rare that we rare able to feature a washed-processed and dry-processed duo with so much supply chain overlap!