Coffee Bag Detail
March 23, 2021 News

How to properly dispose of our coffee bags

Our planet is facing a plastics crisis, and a waste management crisis. In Canada, over 80% of our recycling ends up at the landfill. Landfills produce methane gas, a volatile greenhouse gas that is contributing to our earth's warming. Though we're a small company, we're trying to make as many choices as we can to reduce our landfill contributions, methane and carbon dioxide emmissions. That's what led us to choosing TekPak, in neighbouring Ontario, as our coffee bag supplier.

Our research about the lowest impact packaging material for our roasted coffee beans led us to TekPak manufacturers in Hamilton Ontario.

TekPak's material, trademarked "Omnidegradable", is a petroleum-based plastic, that is treated with organic compounds and proven to decompose in a home compost or biodegrade anywhere there are microbes (even within 2 years in an anaerobic environment such as a landfill).

Our coffee bags (and their one-way-valves and zippers) will degrade in home composts, soil, landfills, forests, rivers lakes and oceans. They eventually revert to their original elements of Water, CO2, small amount of Organic Biomass. We opted for this as the current "less bad" decision we could take, to reduce the amount of plastics ending in landfills and living in our oceans for thousands of years.