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El Pinito 333g bag

El Pinito belongs to Anyi Abigail Gomez, a young farmer in Intibuca, Honduras. Anyi inherited one hectare from her father's farm, El Pino, and though this was the first year producing her own lot, the quality is stunning. She intends to build upon this success with an engineering degree in the years ahead. In the cup, we taste papaya, praline, and brioche.

Tasting notes:

TastePapaya, praline and brioche
The Gomez Family, Intibuca
Hernan Gomez's de-pulper, Finca el Pino


Finca el Pinito belongs to Anyi Abigail Gomez, a young farmer in Intibuca, Honduras. Though el Pinito occupies just a single hectare, it is well situated to produce exceptional coffee. The farm sits at 1,750 meters above sea level and is planted with Red Catuai trees. The same day that ripe cherries are harvested and sorted for density, they begin a twenty four hour wet fermentation before moving to a solar dryer for about twenty days. The processing takes place at Anyi’s father’s farm, el Pino, where the fermentation tank looks pristine enough for a swim and the depulper shines a picture perfect rose gold, two factors undoubtedly contributing to the coffee’s clarity and balance in the cup.

As the names suggest, el Pinito is a small parcel of land descending from the larger el Pino. Anyi’s father, Hernan, gave this plot to Anyi and helped her ensure that the yields lived up to their potential. Though this was Anyi’s first year producing her own offer, the quality is truly stunning, with a buttery body, candied nut sweetness, and tropical fruit acidity. For us, this is a downright delightful sipper, and for Anyi, this hopes to be the start of something much bigger. Anyi aspires to use her farm’s profits to help fund her education, to study abroad, and to eventually achieve a degree in agricultural engineering. Though our purchase is only a small step toward achieving these goals, we are truly humbled to align our interests with Anyi’s, and extend appreciation to our importing partners, Nordic Approach, for making this coffee available to us.


Varietal(s)Red Catuai
KG's Purchased480
Size of the farm1 hectare
Processing MethodWashed
Arrived at DispatchJuly 2019

Who it's From

ImporterNordic Approach
Farm SystemIndividual farm
Processed atFinca el Pino - Father's farm
Relationship DurationNew
Number of Contributing FarmsIndividual family

Where it's From