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Congo – Hutwe Bukununu

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COUNTRY: Democratic Republic of Congo
PRODUCERS: Kawa Kabuya Co-operative
ALTITUDE: 1500-1800m
PROCESSING: Washed at the Hutwe and Bukununu stations, then dried on raised beds
HARVEST: Spring 2016

This coffee comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where it was produced by the Kawa Kabuya co-operative. It is comprised of two lots of coffee, grown by many smallholder farmers and processed separately at two different washing stations called Hutwe and Bukununu. Farmers in the DCR have faced almost unimaginable challenges to date, from decades of colonial oppression to decades of violence and civil unrest. Today, the demand for better coffee is driving intense social change. Thanks for co-ops like Kawa Kabuya, specialty output has grown from almost nothing in 2008 to almost 1000 tonnes in 2016. Members of the co-op pay a 50 dollar fee in return for membership that gives access to farmer schools and ongoing support, as well as access to the farmer-run micro washing stations that process these coffees. The co-operative reports that, to date, farmers have made back their investment in their first year, and most have doubled their returns in the second year, earning farmers wages far higher than ever before.

This coffee is sweet and fruity, like drinking tea while a strawberry pie cools on the window sill.


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