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Peru – Amaybamba

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PRODUCERS: Amaybamba Cooperative
ALTITUDE: 1700–1900m
VARIETAL: Typica, Caturra
PROCESSING: Fully washed, then dried on raised beds

This Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee comes from the Amaybamba collective, a collective of coffee farmers who share a washing station in the breathtaking Incuhuasi Valley of Peru. Like many coffee producing nations, Peru has a history of commodity grade coffee production. Specialty Coffee is a relatively new market demand, and this demand popped up very quickly, leading to a disconnect between what the market wants and what the producers know how to grow. Red Fox Coffee, our import partner on this coffee, is extremely passionate about Peru due to almost idyllic growing conditions, and has invested a lot of resources into Peruvian collectives to share knowledge and improve Peru’s brand.

This year they focused on drying methods. This not only improved the quality of the beans, ensuring a good flavour to get roasters buying their products, but the lifespan of the beans in storage, meaning roasters who bought this coffee this year will be more likely to buy it next year. That means upward mobility for their community and a better cup for you. Win win.

This coffee is sweet and nutty, like Nutella slathered on chocolate cake.


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