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Guatemala – San José Poaquil Lot #2

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COUNTRY: Guatemala
REGION: Chimaltenango
PRODUCERS: Many small producers
ALTITUDE: 1700-1900m
VARIETAL: Typica, Bourbon
HARVEST: Winter 2017

This coffee was imported by Red Fox Coffee and comes from many producers in the San Jose Poaquil municipality in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala.

Hundreds of farmers take their coffees to the community mill where Red Fox cups and carefully assembles the best lots for purchase by quality focused partners like Dispatch. All of the producers benefit from the premiums paid to the mill as they invest back into the region to improve lots year after year, as well as to certify all of the farmers with Rainforest Alliance certification. This coffee is also part of a repeat purchase program on behalf of Red Fox, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this wonderful, comforting coffee!

This coffee is sweet and classic, and tastes like milk chocolate, nougat, almond and berries.


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