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Ethiopia – Kossa Geshe

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Limmu Kossa
PRODUCERS: Abdul Wahid Sherif
ALTITUDE: 1800-1900m
VARIETAL: Heirloom varietals
HARVEST: Winter 2016-2017

This organic coffee comes from a naturally occurring forest in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia. It was grown by Abdul Wahid Sherif on his 1000 hectare farm, which was established in 2009 as a land grant from Ethiopia’s investment agency to protect some of the last remaining dense forest in the country.

The most remarkable thing about this coffee is that it is naturally processed. What does that mean? Well, when separating the coffee cherry’s fruit from its seeds, it is fermented to allow the fruit to be removed with greater ease. Fermenting is done in two main ways: with water, called “wet processed” or “fully washed”, or without water, called “dry processed” or “natural processed”. In water, the fermentation happens safely in the absence of oxygen, minimizing fermentation flaws and making for more even drying. With naturally processed coffees the whole cherry is left in the sun to dry, then the dried fruit is milled away from the beans up to a month later. The coffee beans ferment in their own juices creating a dense fruit taste, but they are also subject to problems during fermentation due to the presence of oxygen, leading to some funky flavours when not done perfectly. Even though naturals can be favorites among coffee fans, from a farmer’s financial perspective it is more risky to process this way, and so the majority of natural coffee is processed this way due to lack of access to washing stations or the money to use them. Mr. Sherif wasn’t able to use a washing station, which led him to make the best of his situation and produce this magnificent coffee. In fact, judging by our staff’s reaction as we tested it prior to launch, we’re going to have a hard time keeping this coffee on the shelves!

This coffee is fruity and complex, and tastes like blueberry, wild flowers, milk chocolate and chestnut.


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