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Ethiopia – Guji Konjo

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Sidamo
PRODUCERS: Many small producers
ALTITUDE: 1750-1900m
VARIETAL: Heirloom varietals
HARVEST: Winter 2016

This coffee was grown by an anonymous farmer in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. Its name, “Konjo”, means “beautiful” in Amharic. Unlike many coffees from Ethiopia, which are produced by co-operatives and unions, coffees from the Guji Zone tend to be single farm productions transformed via a robust system of private washing stations. The identity of this farmer is still unknown, however, since the law necessitates that all coffee be purchased via the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX).

When it was created in 2009, the ECX eliminated traceability back to producers and washing stations, choosing instead to put the focus on the region of production. This was an attempt to create regional brands for its coffees, much like France’s “appellations controlées” did for wines, and had the positive effect of promoting co-operative production, but made it very hard for international buyers of high quality specialty coffee. Crop To Cup Importers works with sourcing staff on the ground in Ethiopia to purchase promising lots, cup them, and set aside the best purchases for roasters like Dispatch.

This coffee is fruity and floral, like a bouquet thrown at the summer wedding of a peach and a plum.


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