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Ethiopia – Efrem Estate

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia
PRODUCER: Efrem Mulugeta Tegegne
ALTITUDE: 1850–1900m
VARIETAL: 74110, 74112
PROCESSING: Naturally processed
HARVEST: Winter 2016–2017

This amazing naturally processed coffee comes from the Keffa zone in Ethiopia where it was grown by Mr. Efrem Mullugeta Tegegne. Efrem was actually born very near the village where he currently farms, though he didn’t stick around for long. At age 15, he moved to Cuba to study financial management. He returned to Ethiopia following his studies and worked in the Ethiopia Defense (military) for 10 years. His life changed again in the 80’s when a political coup led to widespread persecution of Ethiopian jews, a group to which Efrem and his wife belonged. By 1990, another coup was on the horizon, and a short window of opportunity arose for a rescue, so the Israeli government arranged the emigration of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in just a few weeks, most in just a few days. Several airlift operations set world records as non-stop flights transported 14,325 Ethiopian jews to Israel in just 36 hours. Efrem and his wife decided to rebuild their life and emigrated to Israel during this period. After many years spent in Israel, and after a life spent wandering the world, Efrem has returned almost exactly to his place of birth to farm this coffee.

The only thing more remarkable than this story is that this coffee is his first harvest and sale of coffee ever! Its purchase by a partner like Crop To Cup ensures that Efrem will receive support and specialty premiums that will make next year’s harvest even more remarkable.

This coffee is sweet and fruity, and tastes like strawberry, cantaloupe, milk chocolate and wild flowers.


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