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Burundi – Bukeye Buhorwa

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COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Bukeye, Muramvya Province
PRODUCERS: Many small producers
ALTITUDE: 1750-1900m
VARIETAL: Jackson Bourbon
HARVEST: Fall 2016

This coffee comes from Burundi, and was produced by 631 smallholder farmers around the Buhorwa washing station in the Muramvya province. This region’s growing conditions are ideal, and the Buhorwa washing station is actually the second highest in the country.

While these beans come with no certifications, nor were they produced by any organized co-operative, their purchase has had an immense impact on the people who grew them. Crop To Cup Importers began buying 100% of Buhorwa’s output back in 2010 and have done so every year since. They call this the “Whole Crop Project”, and it means purchasing all of the community’s output, finding buyers not just for the best lots, like this one, but for all of the beans regardless of quality. Unfortunately even the best farming practices can be affected by extenuating circumstances, so if improvement is to be supported properly, farmers need to operate knowing that a base annual income is guaranteed. Crop to Cup, in addition to buying 100% of Buhorwa’s coffee and supporting farmer education projects at the mill, also offers generous premiums not only for quality but for traceability. This traceability premium has led to some of the most in-depth mapping of coffee lands in Burundi to date.

This coffee is crisp and complex, like a red apple sipping iced tea and daydreaming of fresh tomatoes.


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