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Burundi – Buhorwa

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COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Muramvya Province
PRODUCERS: Many smallholder farmers
ALTITUDE: 1750-1900 m
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Jackson bourbon
PROCESSING: Fully washed
HARVEST: June – October 2017

This is our second year purchasing this coffee. It was produced by a community of 631 smallholder farmers near the Buhorwa washing station in the Muramyva province of Burundi.

We are drawn to this relationship not only because it yields some of the countries best lots, but for the opportunity to leverage support towards the inspiring community projects in place.

This year, we are making a small contribution towards Projet Vache, a sustainability program driven by the community and our importers Crop to Cup. The program aims to increase quality, grow healthier farms and increase farmer’s business profitability next year. It will impact the livelihoods of the over 2500 smallholder farmers located between Buhorwa and a nearby washing station named Gatare.

The roadmap to improvement addresses short term and long term changes. It involves agronomy and farm organization training, the building of a coffee tree plant nursery, gender gap training facilitated by the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, and establishing a dairy farm.

Crop to Cup and the Buhorwa community’s long standing relationship is a reminder for us that sustainable farming requires commitment, co-construction, and alignment from multiple actors in the value chain. We’re thrilled to be a part of promoting this positive change, and you’ll certainly taste the outcome of quality improvements in your cup year after year.
This coffee tastes like black tea, golden raisin, and tangerine




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