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Opening hours

  • WEEK: 7:30–7
  • WEEKEND: Saturday: 8:30–7 Sunday: 8:30–6


Located in the peripheral Mile-ex neighbourhood of Montreal, this garage used to house our coffee truck but has now been transformed into our flagship espresso bar and roastery. In this open space, our roasting and cold brew production is on display to the public. We proudly prepare our seasonal espressos on a Modbar espresso system and offer our filter coffee brewed by hand.

Opening hours

  • WEEK: 8–5
  • WEEKEND: 9–5


We opened this café in collaboration with McGill University in September 2014. Our kiosk, where we serve coffee, pastry and our beloved avocado toast, is nestled in the entrance of the McConnell Engineering building (Milton entrance). Although our patrons consist primarily of university staff, faculty and students, our doors are open to the public. Be sure to stop by if you’re strolling downtown!

Opening hours

  • WEEK: Monday–Thursday: 8 – 7 Friday: 8 – 5
  • WEEKEND: Closed